Product Categories


flanged thermal mass flow meter

Compressed air and gas flow measurement

Pitot tube flow meter for wet or hot gases and steam up to 200degC

Wet and contaminated air, gas and steam flow measurement

Ultrasonic flow meter for liquid media

Liquid flow measurement

Condensation humidity dew point

Dew point measurement

measure oil contamination in compressed air

Oil vapour measurement

dust particles in air

Particle concentration measurement

T5500 4" compound pressure gauge

Pressure measurement

100degC bimet temperature gauge thermometer

Temperature measurement

S 110 power meter for single or 3 phase electrical efficiency monitoring

Power measurement


Measuring oil vapour, particles and dewpoint with S 600 air purity analyser

Compressed air and gas purity

Compressed air flow, dew point, temperature, pressure and efficiency measurement with SUTO iTEC

Power consumption and efficiency

Using an ultrasonic leak detector on a compressed air plant

Detect and monitor air/gas leakage

S 331 colour touchscreen display and datalogger

Displays and data loggers

S4M data acquisition and monitoring software

Analysis and monitoring software

gas safety interlocks and control panels

Gas safety monitoring


ATEX certified 1/2" pneumatic pressure regulator

Pressure reducing valves

pressure sustaining valve for regulating upstream pressure in liquid or gas systems

Pressure sustaining valves

stainless steel pressure relief valve Tosaca 1216

Pressure relief valves

ATEX filter and pressure regulator 316 stainless steel

Compressed air preparation and regulation

single and dual circuit lock up valves

Pressure sensing valves

high pressure ball valve with pneumatic rack & pinion actuator

Actuated valves

FG Line pilot operated diaphragm solenoid valves

2 way solenoid valves

3/8"-1/2" universal solenoid valves 3/2

3 way solenoid valves

5/2 solenoid valve stainless steel with manual override

5 way solenoid valves

M22 2/2 normally closed air operated valve

2 way air pilot operated valves

M13I 3/2 air operated valve stainless steel

3 way air pilot operated valves

5/2 dual air spool valve stainless steel

5 way air pilot operated valves

stainless steel diaphragm valve with PTFE diaphragm

2 way manual operated valves

316 stainless steel 3/2 pneumatic valve manual push button operated

3 way manual operated valves

5/2 manual reset pilot operated valve 1/4" ATEX

5 way manual operated valves

Specialist Categories

ATEX certified valves, pneumatic air preparation, flow control and instrumentation


IEC61508 SIL3 ciompliant filter regulators, volume bosters, quick exhaust valves, pneumatic presure switch and pneumatic directional control valves

IEC 61508 SIL 3 Functional Safety compliance

EN161 natural gas solenoid valves

EN161 gas solenoid valves

LCD display showing multiple measurement types

ISO 8573 air purity

high pressure ball valve fitted with stainless steel pneumatic actuator and surrounded by pneumatic valve automation products: 3/2 solenoid valve, 3/2 pilot operated spool valve, lock up valve, flow regulator, volume booster, filter regulator, bug screen & silencer. All ATEX approved

Valve automation

E58 series 2 1/2" 2 way manaul reset solenoid valves IP65 IP67 Ex d

Manual reset valves

Flanged cryogenic globe valve

Cryogenic valves

water hammer arrestors or shock dampers that use pressurised diaphrgams to absorb water hammer transients

Water hammer arrestors

air relief valves stainless steel Z-Tide ATR model

Air release valves

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